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Round Panel  

Party Round Panel Sublimated FabricPerfect Fit
Our fabric doesn't crease or leave marks. Just put it on and you're done!

Vivid Colors | Highest Definition
Our prints have the brightest colors on the market. All images undergo special treatment in our creative studio.

Extra Border
Our Round Panel has an extra 10cm border, ensuring full coverage of the arch.

Round Panel Size
Diameter (front): 1.51m/5t/60 inch
Extra edge (back): 10cm 


Rectangular Panel / Side Panel (2 pieces)


Rectangular panel for party decoration in sublimated fabric, double-sided system. Put it easy.
With reinforced stitching and a super discreet finish.

Vivid Colors | highest definition
Our prints have the brightest colors on the market. All images undergo special treatment in our creative studio.


Rectangular Panel Size (2 pieces)
Width: 1.50 m / 60 inches / 5 feet
Height: 2.20 m / 84 inches / 7 feet


Cylinder Covers

Extra Edge Party Cylinder Covers Extra Edge
Our Cylinder Covers have an extra 5cm edge. This ensures full coverage of the cylinders.

Reinforced Finish
Discreet finish and reinforced stitching that prevents the covers from fraying.

Resistant Elastic
We use 11mm thick elastic. Greater durability and can be used for a long time without loosening.


Cylinder Size for Our Covers

* 90 cm/35.4 inch x 40cm/15.7 inch
* 60cm/23.6inch x 33cm/13inch
* 75cm/29.5inch x 36cm/14.2inch

Christmas Round + Two Side Backdrop + Cylinders Cover Kit

SKU: CEN6086
$199.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Material Polyester Features:
    1. Polyester is a lightweight, soft and smooth stretch fabric.
    2. Wrinkle-resistant material, fine and smooth, almost silky.
    3. It is durable and machine washable for many washes without fading.
    4. Each side is hemmed and sewn to extend its service life.
    5. Personalization Available: Add your own photo, text or logo.
    6. Stand Support: No stand included.

    Ratamami personalized round backdrop covers are perfect for your kids birthday party, baby shower party, bridal shower, graduation and festival parties. All the sizes of this seamless backdrop come in one piece. The package only include a round backgrounds (not including stand).

    Warm Tips:
    The backdrop will be folded for shipping, resulting in slight creasing, please use a steam iron to iron the back of the item.

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